Sunday, March 9, 2014


Last weekend was my first time in Chicago since I ran my one and only Marathon.  That trip lasted 1 day and consisted of arriving, eating dinner, sleeping, running marathon, eating lunch and driving home.  For this trip, we got to stay a little longer ;)

We started Friday out by eating at Lou Malnati's Pizzeria for lunch.  We got the deep dish!

We then hit up the Chicago Cultural Center because it was free.  Very beautiful building.

Then we walked out to Navy Pier which was the worst idea of the weekend.  It was cold, windy and the entire place was under construction.  The highlight of Navy Pier was the tropical forest inside.  You would think that they would say someting about construction on their website...not that we could have gone and played in the snow out there, but who wants to even think of visiting when EVERYTHING except the shops inside are completely torn up?

Once we got checked into the warmth of our hotel, the fun began.  We got dressed up all nice and headed to dinner at Lockwood.  I got the Winter Vegetable Sampler Entree - it was not a large entree but all the different veggies and the presentation were neat.  I did not take a photo in order to appear less "foodie hipster", but I did get a photo with my bloody mary  :)  Bacon + peppered vodka...yummm

After dinner, we headed to the main attraction - Phantom of the Opera!

I was proud of my outfit :)  And Josh looked pretty good too ;)

The show was fun.  We had good seats.  

Saturday, we started the day off right with breakfast at Wildberry Cafe - Highly Recommended!

I don't think I have ever walked so much in one day!  From breakfast we headed to the Field Museum so I could see Sue the T Rex, among other things.  We walked around there for 5 hours but could have easily stayed the whole day.

We left the museum to head over and have Afternoon Tea at Russian Tea Time.  Some windows were broke at the front of the restaurant which took away from the ambiance a bit, but the tea, scones, mini sandwiches and desserts were awesome.  It was fun to eat little finger foods and drink an absurd amount of tea.

We ended the day by taking the Train up to the North Side to see Second City Chicago.  Funny stuff.  Before the show, we went to a bar with some interesting paintings on the wall - of which I cannot post photos of..hahah

Oh, and of course, we could't leave Sunday without going to Wildberry again for breakfast  ;)

Overall, I loved Chicago!  I liked being able to walk everywhere and the public transportation.  Plus there was always something going on.  The city just had this lively energy.  Hopefully we can go back sometime when the temperature is above freezing so we can explore and enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

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