Monday, April 7, 2014

Hot Pot Dinner Party + 2014 Food Blog Challenge

What a crazy past couple weeks it has been!  I have learned that my house is a great place for entertaining  :)  Josh had a co-worker come in from Korea and his other co-worker decided to have a Hot Pot Chinese Dinner.  Only issue being that she needed a space big enough to host everyone - enter our beautiful kitchen  :)

We had a fun time eating, drinking and taking many photos.  What a great group of people!

As for my food challenge, we ate some food from Pinch of Yum, but I was lacking motivation and took zero photos.

We ate Creamy Squash Curry Quinoa, Moroccan Salad with Cilantro Orange Dressing, Sweet Potato Wild Rice Arugula Salad & Crockpot Mexican Chicken  (<- made with the chicken that has been in the freezer for I-Have-No-Idea-How-Long)

Last week, my photo snapping motivation picked up as we enjoyed recipes from Hello Veggy.

Peanut Butter Soba Noodle Bowl with Tofu

Quinoa Citrus Salad & BBQ Baked Tempeh

Another good way to eat tempeh!

Vegan Chili & Cornbread

Had my SWE ladies over for our EC meeting.  Crockpots are awesome and the cornbread came together quickly!

Lentil Balls & Broccoli Salad

These looked good, but were not so good...  :(

Stuffed Peppers

Same with these...they looked neat, but I could only eat half of one.

To brighten your Monday, I leave you with a photo of some cute monster hats I made for last weekend's baby shower.  Twins!!!

Here's the link to the pattern.

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