Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Joshua is 30!!!

I'm glad Josh is older than me.  Not only because it makes him wiser, but because he reaches these crazy old ages sooner than I do.  By the time I turn 30, it won't be a big deal because he will have been 30 for a year and some.  :)

That being said, Joshua dislikes his birthdays.  He doesn't like a lot of attention and he has come to be very skeptical of me around his birthdays.  Why?  Because I love surprising people.  :)  I gave him a 29.5 surprise birthday party - nothing too big - because I knew that he would not be expecting it.  For his 30th, we were out of town for a wedding.  So, Joshua thought he might be safe from surprises.  Oh how wrong he was....

We went up to Crystal Mountain for a wedding and decided to stay at the Betsie River Canoe & Campground for a cheaper stay and also to bring my brothers along and do some mountain biking.

Out of the 2 nights of camping, I only managed to get this one shot.

Camping went relatively well.  It rained a bit, but we stayed dry.

Sunday, the day after the wedding, was Josh's bday!  On our way back downstate, under pretenses that Joshua's parents needed to see him on his birthday, we stopped by their place in Gladwin.

My mother in law was my partner in crime and had arranged the most awesome-est party ever!  Great food, music and all our favorite family members  :)  They were all on the front porch as we pulled up the drive way

I got his shirt from BooTees on Etsy.  What a good looking 30 year old :)

My mommy picked up 30 cupcakes which I placed 30 candles (including a few dinosaur ones!) and paper circles which read "Happy 30th Birthday Charles Joshua !"  We got the cupcakes from The Gourmet Cupcake Shoppe in Midland.

The Bro Bros and Chloe

The party deck

Tired Birthday Boy & Me

Happy 30th Birthday Dearest Joshua.  I hope I get to have a fun party like you did when I turn 30  ;)

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