Saturday, September 6, 2014

Garden Tomatoes - Canning Salsa

The fruits of my labor have finally - and literally - paid off!  I planted all tomatoes in the garden this year in the hopes that I would have enough to can.  I weighed all the ripe ones and I had 13 pounds!

I decided to make me some salsa.  I found this post from Boastful Baker in which she raves about finding the best ever salsa recipe.  So, naturally, I had to give it a try.  The recipe itself, comes from Simply Recipes.  The only substitution I made was to use poblano peppers instead of Anaheim Chiles.  Tomatoes from my garden and poblano peppers and jalapenos from the farmers market - hard to beat that!

Here are all the beautiful ingredients.

And all the utensils one may need on a canning adventure.  I was going to use the chopstick to get bubbles out of the side of the cans, but there ended up not being any bubbles.

Unfortunately, our induction stove top did not like my pressure cooker pot (induction needs non-aluminum metal).  Joshua hooked me up with his big propane burner outside so I could still use the pressure cooker pot for the water bath.  I use this pot because it is the biggest I own and it has a steamer rack on the bottom to hold the cans off the bottom of the pot.

Before roasting the peppers and the tomatoes, I got all the other ingredients measured out and in the pot.

Also got the lids and rings ready to go in their pot.

Then I roasted the jalapeno and poblano peppers on the grill till their skins were nice and dark.  They need to steam after roasting so the skins come off easier.  I got a nice shot of them steaming.

While the peppers steamed, I roasted the tomatoes.

 They came out looking mighty fine  :)

Here's a look at how I got the pepper skins off.

I then chopped them up beautifully.

 The skins of the tomatoes came off very easily.

Once the tomatoes and peppers were added to the pot, it was go time!  Here is my operation.

Hello Salsa!

The burner with the water bath was conveniently outside the back door.  Throw in a pretty puppy and life is good :)

In total, I made 11 cans.  I doubled the recipe.

As I set them inside I started counting the pops.  Each one of them made a popping noise  :)

Can't wait to crack open one of these jars on a cold winter day  :)  My next canning adventure will be with the $21 worth of peaches I got from the farmers market today.  What should I make?

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