Sunday, January 25, 2015

Baked Ugly But Good Cookies

I learned about a new holiday today.  An Italian holiday.  La Befana.  A mash up of Halloween and Christmas. Interesting,  right?  If the holiday is anything like the cookie then I know I will like it!   Brutti Ma Buoni.  Pistachio chocolate chip meringue cookies.   I 100% agree with the description. They were ugly but Oh so good! 

My cousin and her fiance liked them too. So I was able to pawn some cookies off on them.   30 cookies in 2 days is not doing my body any good! 
But good is what these cookies are.  Crisp, fudge-y, chewy and light all at the same time.  Like no cookie I have ever had before. 

They also go well with coffee.

3 recipes from Baked done,  67 to go. 

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