Monday, February 2, 2015

Baked Dolly's Doughnut

The best part about this new year goal of baking all of the Baked Occasions cookbook recipes?  Sharing them with family!  This weekend we took a trip up to Gladwin and Midland.  Our travel companion?  A coconut bundt cake with a dark chocolate and coconut filling - deemed Dolly's Doughnut Cake.   Apparently Dolly Parton likes all things coconut,  and pink,  and sprinkle-y.

The coolest think about the cake was that it looked like a normal bundt cake,  but then when you cut it open. ..wala! Chocolate Filling! 
It was quite good and something different.  The white part of the cake was a bit dry and with 2 tablespoons of coconut extract,  I thought it should taste more coconut-y.  But alas,  it went over well and we were able to share it with extended family on both sides! 

Oh and then we came back downstate to 12+ inches of snow! 

5 recipes done.  65 to go.  Hello February! 

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