Sunday, June 21, 2015

Baked: Black Forest Cupcakes

I had about 16 people over this weekend.  Perfect opportunity to get some cupcakes eaten!

The only kirsch I could find was arrow brand liquor and I know from experience NOT to buy cheap liquor.  So, I went with some similar cherry liquor from Sweden.  Josh says it tastes like cough syrup.  He has a way of ruining tastes of things for me...hahah

I did find my first spelling mistake and first recipe mistake!  Page 106 step 2 of the cupcakes says 'uasing' instead of 'using'.  The frosting recipe says to put sugar over the soft peaks of the egg whites, but it never says to beat the egg whites.  I figured it out ;)  I do not like frosting recipes that have egg whites in them, this one was no exception.  It smelled eggy, wasn't good after 12 hours, but, the one plus is that Josh had the idea of taking the leftover frosting to make meringues.  Added some sprinkles, piped them out on a baking sheet, pre heated oven to 350, turned oven off and let it them set in there for a few hours.  Delicious!

Overall, everyone said they tasted ok, but I was not impressed.  :(  on to the next recipe!

28 finished. 42 to go.

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