Monday, June 15, 2015

Live Laugh Love Wedding Cake

I'm a planner.  To say I like being organized is an understatement.  When I had the opportunity to make a wedding cake for a friend of mine, I got far too excited!  And then went off to plan months in advance.

I'd make one tiered cake already, so I was confident that I could make this one.  Although, this would be my first time transporting the cake all together.

First I had to decide how many tiers and what size they would be.  I used the images that you can find at sites like this one, to get an idea of how many they should serve.  There were to be 80-90 wedding guests and the bride and groom wanted to save the top tier.  I went with the 14", 10", 6" tiered cake serving 114 people without the top.  Hey, we didn't want to run out of cake!  And people might want to try both flavors!  (Spoiler alert: we had WAY more than enough cake!)

Cake Flavors:
For the 6" tier, I went with a surprise cake!  3 cakes in one actually.  Since the bride and groom are saving it for their one year anniversary, I wanted it to be a fun surprise.  Therefore I cannot disclose the flavors  ;)

For the 10", the bride and groom chose the Strawberry & Lavender Buttermilk Cake by Sweetapolita - my number one cake recipe blog!  I doubled the recipe to scale it from the 8" to 10" size.

For the 14", I went with the Chocolate Stout Cake.  This one I tripled to scale from 9" to 14".  I like this cake because it is thick and moist.  Perfect for a base cake layer!

At one of our "cake planning meetings" - aka beers in downtown Midland - the bride and groom found a cake they liked on Pinterest with Live Laugh Love written on it.  I decided to use fondant to make the letters as I wasn't too certain how my hand writing would be.  Its little details like this that make or break the cake and I wanted perfection.  Perfection I say!

The bride liked the frosting style in the cake shown above. I decided to go with the frosting from the Chocolate Stout Cake, mostly because it was simple to make and would hold up to sitting at room temp for many hours - I multiplied this recipe by 7 - SEVEN! That is 28 sticks of butter!!! 

So, I now had all my requirements to design and make the cake!

What I needed for the Cake:
  • Cake Stand
  • 6", 10", 14" pans
  • Wooden Dowel to go through center of cake (sharpened)
  • Bubble Tea Straws (for structural support)
  • Cardboard Cake Circles
I made this cake over several days.  Here is my itinerary:
  • Sunday - Fondant Letters
  • Monday - 6" cake
  • Tuesday - Chocolate Cake
  • Wednesday - Strawberry Filling
  • Thursday - Buttermilk Cake
  • Friday AM - Vanilla Whipped Cream Filling, Assembly, Half Frosting for Crumb Coat
  • Friday PM - Other Half Frosting for final coat, Fondant Letter placement
First, lets go into some detail on the Fondant Letters.  I used an easy Marshmallow Fondant recipe from All Recipes.  This made WAY too much fondant for my purposes.  I added a few drops of black food dye to get the gray color.  After letting it set overnight, I rolled it out and cut out the letters.  For the letter stencils, I simply printed them on paper, cut them with scissors, and then used a Xacto Razor Knife to cut out the fondant.  I let them dry at air temperature for 5 days which dried them up nicely and made them solid for the cake.

One other project for this cake was the transportation box.  I followed this you tube video and was super impressed with the outcome.  Unfortunately, the box never got used.  The cake was so heavy that it would have been too unstable to carry in the box, and once in the back of the SUV, the box wouldn't be able to be placed over the cake (not enough room with the SUV roof there).  Luckily though, the cake transported perfectly in the vehicle and did not fall over or get dirty.  (Thanks mom, dad and lil man for transporting the cake for me!!!!!!!!!)

Now, for what you have all been waiting for.....the cake assembly!

Tip #1 from Martha Stewart with Julia Child.  Add parchment under the bottom layer between the cake stand to keep it frosting-free till the end.  Also add a non-slip mat between the cardboard and cake stand to prevent slippage.

Look at them strawberries!

Tip #2 from Martha.  Leave 1/4" of the bubble straw support above the top of the cake to make it easier to get the top cake layer off during dis-assembly. (this worked well!)

And here is the dowel going through the entire cake.  You will need a hammer!!!

 Then I had little man use wire cutters to cut off the dowel :)

Mom was nice enough to clear out her entire fridge so I could put my cake in there :)

And then, after rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, I returned home to frost the cake and add the fondant letters.

Since I was in the wedding, my mom, dad and bro bro (aka lil man) agreed to transport the cake for me. I. was. nervous. Luckily I had enough time to meet them at the hall and oversee the carrying and placement of the cake. Lil man said the cake weighed more than a person! haha That is some DENSE chocolate cake!

 One last tip.  For disassembling the cake, bring some pliers to pull out the dowel and needle nose pliers for pulling out the bubble straws.

A beautiful cake for a beautiful couple!!

Thanks for having me in your wedding and for trusting me to make your wedding cake!

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