Sunday, October 18, 2015

Baked: Frozen Swiss Chocolate Pie

I made this dessert to bring to a friend's house on Friday.  Mid way through assembling, I realized it has uncooked egg whites and alcohol....which doesn't bode well for a pregnant friend!  I still brought the dessert...and we ate while she watched..whoops.  I did bring biscotti as well - and those were pregnant person friendly.  :)

Mine doesn't look as deep of a chocolate color as the book's photo.  I also noticed that the recipe instructs to add toasted walnuts to the top, but their photo does not have said walnuts!  Since the crust is made entirely of walnuts, I kept them off the top.  The crust tasted a bit too buttery.  The filling tastes great, but is very rich.  Someone needs to come over and eat the rest of this from our freezer! ;)

One more recipe to go till I have caught up to October!

46.  24 remain.

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