Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baked: Tricolor Cake

There may be a lot of recipes in the month of December, but there are also a lot of holiday parties at work!  I took this cake into work and it got demolished.  Everyone was telling me how good it was...but, I had other thoughts.  This cake is a take on an Italian Christmas cookie, but amplified to the size of a cake.  I liked the idea of the almond flavoring, but the combination of everything didn't really work for me.  The chocolate ganache frosting was neat, and I went a bit overboard in decorating the thing..hah

Notice the difference between this side of the cake and the other side?  I ran out of chocolate...

But, what it was lacking in taste, it more than made up for in style.  Check out those beautiful red and green layers!

58 Complete.  12 Remain....(or so I thought...apparently there are so many recipes left in this book that I lost count!  I have 5 "normal" recipes + 12 days of Christmas Cookies = 17 Remain!!!

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